The Restorative Justice Association of Manitoba (RJAM) is a community and grassroots initiative with the goal of transforming our current justice system.  Its’ vision if for a

Manitoba that is a just society in which all lives have equal value.  It is a place where restorative justice is the primary means to achieve an equitable and effective resolution to conflict in our communities, courts, and corrections.  Its’ mission is to advocate for equal opportunity and increased access for all Manitobans to restorative approaches to justice and restorative services by engaging in public education, outreach, and capacity building through collaborative action.

SPCW has been pleased work with the community and practitioners to help get this new organization off the ground.  As RJAM moves into its’ second year, we are continuing on the board, providing operational structure and seeking out other resources.  RJAM’s by-laws can be found here:

Restorative Justice Association of Manitoba By-laws Amended 11-20-17 PDF

If you would like more information or to become a member, please contact Sara,