About Basic Income Manitoba


We believe all residents of Canada should have an unconditional and sufficient income to live a life with human dignity, equity and wellbeing.


Our mission is to achieve a basic income through education, community-building, policy research and advocacy.

Education: Sharing knowledge about basic income and its benefits by engaging Manitobans in discussions of basic income through various means of communications, including mainstream and social media.

Community-building: Developing and maintaining relationships with community partners and people with lived experience.

Policy Research: Contributing to public policy analysis on basic income.

Advocacy: Non-partisan political action to implement basic income as public policy in Manitoba.


We strive to be diverse, accessible, collaborative, action-oriented, and inclusive, especially of people with lived experience of poverty.

Who We Are

Basic Income Manitoba is run by a volunteer Board of Directors:

Evelyn Forget (Co- Chair) Sid Frankel (Co-chair)
Donald Benham Mohammad Nuruzzaman Khan
Josh Brandon David Northcott
Meaghan Erbus Paul Walsh
Hannah Owczar

Livable Basic Needs Benefit

We are collaborating with Make Poverty History Manitoba on a joint campaign calling on the provincial government to introduce a new Livable Basic Needs Benefit, replacing existing Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) benefits.

The new benefit, which should be part of a comprehensive plan to address poverty, should be set at a level to cover the actual cost of basic needs such as food, clothing, communications and transportation. The proposed benefit would be sufficient, when combined with other federal and provincial income supports, to lift all Manitobans to at least the poverty line.

More details to come!


Check out our latest webinar: Unconditional cash transfers reduce homelessness in Vancouver, Canada with Dr. Jiaying Zhao.

Unconditional cash transfer reduces homelessness in Vancouver, Canada

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News Release – October 24, 2022