City Watch Input Needed for ‘Our Winnipeg Public Consultation Launch’

Hello City Watch!

I hope you have all been doing well in these difficult times. At SPCW we have been able to continue our pre-Covid work while looking for ways to contribute to all the amazing work our partners have been doing to try and address the needs of those who were already suffering prior to the pandemic. Just a couple of examples are our resource lists: Covid-19 information and resources, Anti-racism resources, and the ‘Manitobans: COVID-19 Doesn’t Discriminate. Nor Should You’ campaign

We have continued to monitor what is happening at the City and were very concerned to see the sheer amount of items on the last EPC agenda. The two that most concerned us were the Grants Evaluation and Review Process Policy and the Service Delivery Responsibilities of the City of Winnipeg report. Please see Kate’s presentation on those. Then there was the last minute report on Portage Place Mall and Mayor Bowman’s anti-racism initiatives. If you would like to see the discussion on all of these, please have a look here:

  • Video link to meeting:
    • Time sections for Post delegate EPC discussions:
      • The grant review process: Time stamp is 2:24:25 to 2:24:55 (motion carried to delay a year)
      • The legislated service report: Time stamp is 2:24:55 to 2:27:40 (motion carried to move discussion to Our Winnipeg review)
      • Portage Place: Time stamp is 4:02:30
      • The mayor’s work on anti-racism: Time stamp is from 5:11:45 (and specifically IPW @ 5:14:30)

So as we know, there will likely be little change on any of these at Council this Thursday (Meeting agenda), I did want to draw your attention to the Our Winnipeg draft paper and public consultations. The public launch is this Wednesday night. You can sign up below and find out how else to contribute:

Engage Winnipeg website (for duration of engagement activities):

Corporate website (will exist beyond engagement activities and replace

Or share through social media with the post on the City’s Facebook page.

Please join us for this Zoom meeting (meeting ID: 891 3717 5255) on Tuesday, July 28th, 2020, at 10am, if you are interested in getting together to discuss ways we can ensure that Our Winnipeg remains a progressive and inclusive document that calls on the City, Mayor and Council to be more and do more to create a Winnipeg that is sustainable, just, equitable and caring.


City of Winnipeg Budget 2020 Info

Past City Watch Meeting Minutes:

City Council 

The new budget proposes several cuts to Community Services and Transit. You can contact your city Councillor here to make your voice on this issue known. If you do not know who your City Councillor is, please visit the Winnipeg Citizens’ Information Service page. You can also check out this cheat sheet we created to learn about the different committees the members of Winnipeg City Council sit on. 

For everyone who wants to stay engaged and updated, please see the list of upcoming city meetings (EPC, Council and key committees) here.

Speaking at City Hall as a Delegation

To seek permission to appear as a delegation (someone who wishes to speak to Council or Committees of Council with respect to a matter on the agenda for that meeting), please contact the clerk of the committee by email: or contact 311 by phone. Please indicate the Committee name and the matter to which you would like to speak in your request.

We will be updating this page regularly so you can follow City Council and Committee meetings, find out what the Mayor’s office is up to, and learn how to bring up issues and make your voice heard at council meetings. For further questions or to find out how to be a part of City Watch group, please contact Josh Brandon, Community Animator at SPCW.