The Homelessness Information Partnership of Winnipeg is an open collective of direct service providers who have come together to share resources and supports for information gathering and reporting.  All partners use the Homeless Individuals and Families Information System – Version4 (HIFIS4). This software system is developed and provided by the Federal Government through the Employment and Social Development Canada.

HIPW’s purpose is to provide practical and on the ground supports for member organizations to make information collection useful for their direct service staff so they can serve people better. As a by-product of having good operational support, these organizations are able to have better data for strategic planning, organizational reviews, evaluations, and outcome reporting.

The governance structure of HIPW ensures every member organization maintains their independent trustee rights and obligations to the clients that they serve. Decisions about how a partner organization uses the software and the information collected is made by that partner.  How and when to share data is decided by the governance committee.  Each organization has a voice on how the partnership operates and how information about their own organization or community members they serve may be accessed, viewed or used.

Under the current Service Level Agreement (SLA) – the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg (SPCW) serves as the operational host of the HIPW Network and Database. This SLA limits access to organizational information to “as required” for maintenance, security, and backing up of the system on behalf of member agencies.

To learn more about HIPW, including how to join as a service provider and how to request data, contact the Information System Coordinator (Ian) listed on the Contact Us page.